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Zuma addresses land claims issue at Xhosa king’s coronation

President Jacob Zuma said on Friday that the first coronation of a Xhosa king marked the end of the painful era and ushered in a new beginning of strengthening the identity of Africans. 

Zuma said government was working on the land claims issue.

“We need to work together in the land claims. We are correcting what was wronged decades and decades ago. We are going to get there, it will take some time.

“Our responsibility is to rebuild this nation, we are not going to destroy what we have built. We are going to build it the way we fought apartheid,” he said.

“The land issue is a really big issue and I know we wouldn’t have been able to get our freedom if we weren’t united back then. I am happy you are united because when it comes to the land claims issues you need to be united. 

“One person can’t come and say that you are making a claim on my land. When we are united, we can raise money and afford good lawyers.

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