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Zuma hears Khoi, San demands for land

President Jacob Zuma walked into fiery demands for land restitution from Khoi and San leaders on Tuesday in the debate on his annual address to the house of traditional leaders.

They said they were the original inhabitants of the country, yet had been sidelined in the state’s restoration drive, which offers redress for land dispossession that happened from 1913 onwards.

Chief Hennie van Wyk of the Xoraxoukhoe House, told traditional leaders: “We are the original people. Whenever people go ‘this is our land’ –there runs the blood of the Khoi.”

He said the Khoi people and its leaders did not seek to be assimilated into the recognised structures of traditional chiefs, and had been waiting for Zuma to make good on a promise to grant them separate, official recognition in law for years.

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