What is the future of land reform in South Africa? What could happen by 2030? Click here to read more on four scenarios for land reform in South Africa.


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Project CBAs

What are the economic costs and benefits of Vumelana supported projects to communities, investors and other stakeholders?

Vumelana routinely have independent cost-benefit analysis  completed on projects to systematically evaluate the expected costs and benefits of a particular project or investment, in order to assess whether the project’s overall economic benefits to stakeholders will exceed its overall economic costs.

Read about a forestry development with a big impact, an agricultural based community private partnership, and a tourism development with the potential to transform a poor community.

Cata Forestry Project

Forestry development with a big impact.

Click here to read about the Cata Forestry Project.


Moletele South East Cluster Project

An agriculture based community private partnership with benefits all round.

Click here to read about the Moletele South East Cluster Project.


Mkhambathi Nature Reserve Phase I

A tourism development with the potential to transform a poor community.

Click here to read about the Mkhambathi Nature Reserve Phase 1.


Cost-benefit analysis toolkit

Click here to read the cost-benefit analysis toolkit. The objective of this toolkit is to introduce the use of c\Cost-benefit analysis in projects supported by  Vumelana.

This toolkit deals with the purpose of cost-benefit analysis, key concepts in cost-benefit analysis, constructing the Cost-benefit analysis, insights from the outcomes of Cost-benefit analysis and how to complete the Cost benefit analysis tool.

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