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Support for Communal Property Institutions

This page contains documents to support Communal Property Institutions (CPIs). It outlines the potential of productive land use and the challenges that land owing CPIs face. It also contains a tool to assess the capacity of Communal Property Institutions with a documents that guides the user of the tool. The Vumelana Governance Award has key information on the award and further information on how CPIs can apply for the award. Lastly, there is a guide for Community Leaders that is available in English, Spedi and Tsonga.

            Cost Benefit Analysis Tool
  The Objective of this toolkit is to introduce the use of cost benefit analysis in projects supported by the Vumelana Advisory Fund. Vumelana uses cost benefit analysis to help assess the potential of currently unproductive community land through partnerships with investors.

            Results Chain Tool
  The Vumelana Advisory Fund (Vumelana) is adopting the results chain approach for its projects. This is a tool that outlines the logic of the project at each stage of intervention, from activities to outputs to outcomes to impacts.The result chain method explains the sequence of events and causal linkages leading to the achievement of project objectives and helps measure the performance and impacts of a project.

                 Potential and challenges
 1 This document describes the potential and challenges of Communal Property Institutions (CPIs). Brief descriptions are given of how CPIs are supported by Vumelana and how good governance is incentivised.

            CPI Capacity Assessment Tool Guide
 2 The purpose of this CPI Capacity Assessment tool is to assess the needs of Communal Property Institutions (CPIs) in respect of governance structures and processes, membership management, administrative management, financial management and property management. It is designed to be used by development practitioners in projects that are supported by Vumelana. It is hoped that it will also be useful for other practitioners and the CPI governing bodies.

               Good Governance Award
 goodgovernanceaward The low level of governance and administrative capacity in Communal Property Institutions (CPIs) is a result of limited resources and the absence of incentives (or sanctions) for compliance with legislative and other requirements. The Vumelana Governance Award is designed to incentivise sound governance, membership, financial, administrative and property management.

       A guide for Community Leaders (English)
 Guide for Communities_English
Vumelana produced a series of guides that demonstrates how properly facilitated and carefully structured commercial partnerships can promote job creation and rural development in communities living on restored and communal land. This guide explains how commercial partnerships work. It tells the story of a community frustrated because they don’t have the money and skills to run a business on the land that belongs to them. It also shows the nature of benefits that can accrue to the community as it enters into a commercial partnership with private investors to work its land.
Click here to read the guide in English.

         A guide for Community Leaders (Spedi)
 Picture_Community Guide_Sepedi Vumelana e tsweletsa dipukana tseo di rutago tsela ya maleba yeo dikgwebo tseo disumisang di ka kgonang go hlola mesomo dinaga magaeng gammogo le tswetsopele gore mabu a wo ba wa fihlwego wona a kgone go hlabollwa.Pukwana ye e hlalosa gape ka tsela ye dikgwebo di ka sumisanang ka gona.Mo pukwaneng ye,gona le tshwatshiso ennyane yeo e swantshisang ka setshaba seo se satsebeng gore se ka dira bjang ka ge se sena maseleng le bokgoni bja go tsamaisa kgwebo mabung awo e lego a bona. Byale dipukana tshe dihlalosa tsela yeo setshaba se tla gona ho guna molemo ge se ka shomisana le bo rrakgwebo bao baikemetshego gore bakgone shoma mabu a bona.

       A guide for Community Leaders (Tsonga)
 Community Guide_ Support for CPI_Xitong
Vumelana yi vuyisela mhaka e ka vanhu lwesi swi nyikaka ndhela ya leswaku vubindurisi bya nhlanganyelo ya swa mabindu yi nga tira njani. Leswi swi vula le swaku vanhu va hela matimba,hi ku va ava na mali na vuswikoti ku fambisa mambindu e tikweni ra vona, le swaku hi rihi bindu ra nhlengeletano ka vhanu leri nga humaka e ka bindzu wini leri le swaku vurekeri bya vanu va mabindu ya private.Nhlengeletano ya mabindzu ya koka va mambindu va nwana kuri va kota ku veka mali  ya vona eka nhlengeletano ya vubindzurisi lebyi e tikweni ra vova

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