Strengthening governance and capacity

Communal Property Institution Support Programme​

Well-governed Communal Property Institutions have the potential to become drivers of local economic development

The Communal Property Institution Support Programme is designed to support the development of well-governed Community Property Institutions.

The organisation development and capacity building needs differ from community to community, so a suite of services has been developed which can be tailored to meet the needs of particular communities.

Institutional Development Support

Community Property Association constitution...
Community Property Association constitution or Trust deed development, Community Property Association or Trust registrations, Community company Memorandum of Incorporation registrations, Community company shareholder agreement negotiations

Management Support

Acquisition of premises, Appointment of staff...
Acquisition of premises, Appointment of staff, Selection and appointment of accountants, Registration with the South African Revenue Services (SARS), Opening of bank accounts, Preparation for inaugural board meeting, Support for induction of office bearers, Procurement of legal advice

Policy and Procedures

Remuneration, Expenses, Procurement, Finance...
Remuneration, Expenses, Procurement, Finance and Administration, Human Resources and Benefit Distribution policies, Codes of conduct

Governance Support

Beneficiary verification, Preparation of accounts...
Beneficiary verification, Preparation of accounts, Preparation and convening of Annual General Meetings

Capacity Building and Training

Financial management, Record keeping...
Financial management, Record keeping, Corporate governance

The benefits of
well-governed community property institutions

Well-functioning Communal Property Institutions have the potential to contribute to improving the lives of its members and in advancing the objectives of land reform.


The Land Reform Programme transfers assets to the poor. This ought to provide a pathway out of poverty for land reform beneficiary communities involved. However, only Communal Property Institutions with the ability to govern and administer their affairs successfully have the potential to contribute to economic development by creating jobs for its members and reducing poverty.

Communal Property Institutions that have policies in place to guide them in managing their property portfolios and ensure that membership rights and obligations are well defined will ensure that the restored land remains productive and economically active, thereby contributing to the well-being of its members.

Communal Property Institutions governing their affairs properly, administering community assets effectively and in the interests of members and demonstrate social cohesion, have a better chance to attract and retain commercial partners.

CPI capacity needs assessment tool

The tool guides the support of Communal Property Institutions

Vumelana has developed a capacity needs assessment tool to guide the assessment and support of Communal Property Institutions.


It focuses on five dimensions of Communal Property Institution governance and management:

Must be in place, such as an up-to-date constitution and properly elected governing bodies and committees.

Must be systematically managed by having an up-to-date member register as well as policies that clearly define members’ rights and obligations regarding entry and exit, benefit distribution, dispute resolution and so on.

Must be managed by establishing operating policies and acquiring the skills and other resources needed.

Must be accounted for and independently audited. Clear reports must be made to members through annual general meetings and other means.

The property belonging to the community must be registered and managed in accordance with policies agreed to by the members.

It was originally designed to be used by development practitioners in projects supported by Vumelana. We hope that it will also be useful for other practitioners as well as the Communal Property Institutions governing bodies.

You can download the Communal Property Institution Capacity Needs Assessment tool here. 

For a guide on how to use the Capacity Needs Assessment tool, download the user guide here.

How we work

Our Support Simplified

Typically, only communities that have been supported under our Transaction Advisory Support Programme are invited to apply for support.

A cooperation agreement is signed with the land reform beneficiary community setting out the basis of the relationship between the community and Vumelana.

The support is subject to the investor reimbursing Vumelana for the costs incurred by the transaction advisory team that put the deal together.

An advisor is contracted to strengthen and support the Communal Property Institution committee in effectively administering its affairs for the benefit and well-being of its members.

Progress to date
What we have achieved thus far

To date, we have supported 10 Communal Property Institutions to strengthen their organisational structures and improve their capacity and governance practices.

Communal Property Institutions supported by Vumelana

  • Spent almost R5-million in development support fees
  • Supported 10 communities
How you can support the CPI support programme

Help us make a difference

We can currently only offer support to Communal Property Institutions that have already been supported under our Transaction Advisory Support Programme and depend on funding to offer this support to other communities as well.

Those with an interest in community development are invited to support this programme.

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