What We do

Assist communities under the Land Reform Programme

We are committed to driving
a more inclusive approach to land reform

Vumelana was established to help communities who acquire land under the Land Reform Programme put their land to effective economic use and create long-term benefits for these communities in a way that will contribute to economic growth.

Priority Programmes

Vumelana wants to enable communities who acquire land under the Land Reform Programme put that land to effective economic use, and create long-term benefits for these communities in a way that will contribute to rural development and economic growth.

The Transaction Advisory Support Programme is designed to support the provision of advisory services to Communal Property Institutions and investors to conclude Community Private Partnerships.

These Community Private Partnerships provide access to the required resources without the community giving up ownership of the land or waiting for government grants. The restored land is put to effective use and remains productive and economically active, resulting in a sustainable enterprise that can deliver long-term benefits to the parties involved.

The Communal Property Institution Support Programme is designed to support the development of well-governed institutions for the implementation of settlement agreements and the building of partnerships.

The organisation development and capacity building needs differ from community to community, so a suite of services has been developed which can be tailored to meet the needs of particular communities.

Where does Vumelana work?

Vumelana works across a range of sectors, from agriculture and tourism to forestry and energy, identifying and working with land reform beneficiaries and communities.

The work is carried out across the country, with the main load in provinces with the most land reform activity, including Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. However, we have the capacity to cover all nine provinces.


Vumelana ran the Vumelana Governance Awards, encouraging and rewarding good governance practices by Communal Property Associations and Trusts, for three years.

Unfortunately, this initiative has been suspended until we can get funding support from interested partners.

Awards were given to Communal Property Associations and Trusts that demonstrated a high degree of cohesion, transparency and accountability to their members. Winners of the awards were able to use this status as way to mobilise further private investments on their restored land.

Since their launch in 2014, a total of R1.2-million has been awarded to seven communities.

Vumelana led a project to develop Land Reform Futures Scenarios as part of encouraging dialogue among South Africans on the future of land reform.

The scenarios tell stories about what could happen to South Africa’s land reform initiatives by 2030. These are not predictions of what will happen or recommendations about what should happen, they are four scenarios of what could happen and tell stories of how South Africans might respond to the challenges and uncertainties they face about the future of land reform.

To read more about the Land reform Futures Scenarios.

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