Vumelana Governance Award

What are the Vumelana Governance Awards?

To encourage and reward good governance practices by Communal Property Institutions

The Vumelana Governance Awards are designed to encourage the adoption of good governance practices within the Communal Property Associations and Trusts that have benefitted from the Land Reform Programme and are registered under the Communal Property Associations Act and the Trust Property Control Act.

The short life span of the Vumelana governance awards

Support the Vumelana Governance Awards to resume the great work

Between 2014 and 2016, R1.2-million was awarded to seven communities.

However, because Vumelana depends on sponsorships to run the Vumelana Governance Awards, the awards has had to be put on hold until sponsors are found.

Why The Vumelana Governance Awards

The low levels of governance and administrative capacity in Communal Property Institutions is the result of limited resources and the absence of incentives or sanctions for compliance or non-compliance with legislative and other requirements.

The effective governance of these bodies poses a number of problems for communities that are often first time land-owners that have to resolve complex issues facing Communal Property Institutions.

Realising the immense contribution that can be made by well-functioning Communal Property Institutions in advancing the objectives of land reform, Vumelana decided to launch an award to incentivise and reward good corporate governance by Communal Property Institutions in general – not only those associated with Vumelana-supported partnerships.


Recommended best practices

If Communal Property Institutions are to be effective in administering their affairs for the benefit and well-being of their members, there are several broad areas in which they must function:

Must be in place, such as an up-to-date constitution and properly elected governing bodies and committees.

Must be systematically managed by having an up-to-date member register as well as policies that clearly define members’ rights and obligations regarding entry and exit, benefit distribution, dispute resolution and so on.

Must be managed by establishing operating policies and acquiring the skills and other resources needed.

Must be accounted for and independently audited. Clear reports must be made to members through annual general meetings and other means.

The property belonging to the community must be registered and managed in accordance with policies agreed to by the members.

Winners of the vumelana governance awards

Winners receive essential funding

Since the launch of the Vumelana Governance Awards in 2014, R1.2-million has been awarded to seven communities.

Bela-Bela Communal Property Association

The Bela-Bela Communal Property Association from Limpopo has won the 2016 Vumelana Governance Award, in the category for established communal property institutions (operational for more than 10 years).

Jabulani AgriVillage Communal Property Association

The Jabulani AgriVillage Communal Property Association from Mpumalanga won the category for emerging communal property institutions (operational for less than 10 years).



Maitjene Community Development Trust

The Maitjene Community Development Trust won 1st place and the Marobala-O-Itsose Communal Property Association won 2nd place in the 2015 Vumelana Governance Award.

What did the Vumelana Governance Award mean to the Maitjene Community Development Trust?

Watch this short video on the Maitjene Community Development Trust prize giving ceremony.


Moletele Communal Property Association

The winners of the 2014 Vumelana Governance Award were the Moletele Communal Property Association (1st place), the Makuleke Communal Property Association (2nd place) and the Barokologadi Communal Property Association (3rd place).


Support The Vumelana Governance Awards

Vumelana depends on sponsorships to hold the Vumelana Governance Awards annually.
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