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Become a funding partner

In 2012, the Business Trust made a founding donation of R117-million to Vumelana. 

Other than this, our work is largely dependent on funding by donor organisations and foundations that support the work we do.


Support land reform communities

  • Successful land reform is required for the development of a cohesive and productive society.
  • For land reform to succeed, partnerships are required that attract investment and improve the lives of the beneficiaries.
  • If an agreement is reached funds are recovered from the commercial partners and reapplied to develop the participating communities. Go to Our partnership model for more detail on our model.
  • There are however two funding gaps.
  1. The transaction fees recovered from commercial partners do not cover the full cost of supporting the community in the transaction.
  2. Funds used for community capacity building cannot be recovered and result in a net drain on Vumelana resources.
  • The funding gaps must be filled by donations if support to communities is to be maintained.
  • Donations are tax-deductible.

How to become a funding partner?

General Support

Organisations with an interest in a pro-poor, partnership-based approach to making transferred land productive can support Vumelana across its operations.

Organisational development and capacity building programme

Those with an interest in community development in land reform can support this programme.

Vumelana Governance Awards

Support can also be provided for the Vumelana Good Governance Awards made to well-governed Communal Property Institutions.

Transaction advisory support for land reform partnerships

Organisations with an interest in commercial partnerships for land reform can support the communities involved in Vumelana’s Transaction Advisory Support Programme.

Vumelana is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). Donations to Vumelana are tax deductible in South Africa under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

Our Banking details
To support our programmes

If you would like to donate to Vumelana via EFT, please make a deposit into the following account (ref: Vumelana):

Account Name: Vumelana Advisory Fund NPC (RF)
Bank Name: Standard Bank
Branch Name: Rivonia
Branch Code: 00-12-55
Account Number: 4200 30719
Reference: Your Name and Contact Number

Send an email to for more information on making EFT donations to Vumelana.

Partners and Supporters

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