The community and the land claim
The Barokologadi ba ga Maotoe community were forcibly removed from their land in 1950.

Community: Barokologadi Communal Property Association

Beneficiaries: 880+ households

Partners: Elephants, Rhinos & People

Province: North West

30+ jobs created

21 800+ Hectares of land put to productive use

R120-Million investment mobilised

The community lodged their land claim in 1996 which was settled in July 2007. This includes over 16 000 hectares of land inside Madikwe Game Reserve and a further 10 000 hectares of land adjacent to the Game Reserve.

The Barokologadi community consists of 884 registered and verified households who are represented by the Barokologadi Communal Property Association. The Communal Property Association was registered in 2007 and is the legal entity that holds all the restored property on behalf of the Barokologadi community.

Vumelana’s involvement
The partnership agreement

Vumelana appointed a team (DB Consulting, Webber Wentzel Attorneys) to support the Barokologadi Communal Property Association in facilitating an investor mobilisation and deal structuring process.

This resulted in the conclusion of two partnership agreements with Elephants, Rhinos & People (ERP) in 2015 and 2016 for the development of tourism lodges on the land adjacent to Madikwe Game Reserve.

Potential Impact

At the end of the lease period, the ownership of all assets will revert to the Barokologadi Communal Property Association. They will receive an annual lease fee or 9% of revenue, whichever is the greater. The community is also going to hold a 49% equity stake in one of the two lodges on an equal commercial basis, which would require the Barokologadi Communal Property Association to have the required investment capital.

There are two development phases in the project. Phase 1 entails the development of 40-bed tourist lodges. The intention is to develop these lodges through sub-leases to operators. Subject to certain conditions being met, Phase 2 would be initiated with the development of a further 40-bed tourist lodge and a 30-bed lodge focusing on corporate and private accommodation.

Additional potential benefits for the Barokologadi Communal Property Association include employment opportunities (an estimated 30 jobs will be created) and skills development opportunities.

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits that resulted from the Barokologadi-ERP Melorane Game Reserve.
Other Support

Read a summary of the Organisational Development, Capacity Building and Partnership Implementation support provided to the Barokologadi Communal Property Association under Vumelana’s Community Property Institution Support Project.

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