Request for support
Vumelana assisted the Moletele Communal Property Association to conclude a review of the commercial arrangements on the community's restored land.

Community: Moletele Communal Property Association

Beneficiaries: 1,600+ households

Province: Limpopo

Support: Property management

Over the years, the Moletele Communal Property Association has entered into a number of commercial arrangements to manage and operate the farms on their restored land. Like the Hoedspruit area more generally, the land on the community’s farms benefit from good soil, water and climatic conditions for mango and citrus production.

The Moletele Communal Property Association needed to take stock of the operation and management of its assets and approached Vumelana in 2015 for assistance. A case study was motivated through which an overview of the community’s financial performance from 2011 to 2015 could be generated for assessment and to support the Moletele Communal Property Association with future planning.

Target areas of the support
Vumelana appointed Segodi Consulting in 2015 who supported the Moletele Communal Property Association to:
  • Review the growth of the Moletele Communal Property Association’s property assets.
  • Assess the performance of the various Communal Property Association’s commercial partners covering a 3-year period. This included sources of capital for farm development.
  • Generate a SWOT analysis with recommendations for risks and gaps generated.

This study assisted Vumelana in planning for future organisation development and capacity building support, and the Moletele Communal Property Association’s Executive Committee is currently being supported to strengthen its overall governance and capacity.

Other Support

Read more about the Moletele–Matuma Farms Agriculture Partnership facilitated under Vumelana’s Transaction Advisory Support Programme

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